Vet shares simple way to tell if your dog loves you more than their other owner

Dog owners often wonder who their pet’s ‘favourite’ is – but a vet has revealed that there is a simple way to tell whether your pet prefers one owner over the other

A Golden Retriever gets close up and personal with the camera while outdoors walking with his owner in a Los Angeles county park in California on a sunny day. Relaxation exercise and pet fun at its best.

A vet has shared the simple way to tell if your dog loves you more than their other owner (Image: Getty Images)

When your dog has more than one owner, some people start to question whether they’re the favourite or what they can do to win over their pet.

It is widely thought dogs ‘favour’ the owner who walks them, plays with them, and, most importantly, feeds them. However, the experts at Rover believe a dog’s favourite person is more often the one “who matches their own energy level and personality.”

Dr James Greenwood, resident vet on ITV’s The Pet Show, has shared the tell-tale signs you’re the ‘favourite’ and the best ways to strengthen this bond between you and your pet.

According to Dr Greenwood, you only need to look at your dog’s tail to know whether you’re its ‘favourite human’. He said: “It’s all about the tail with dogs! They can express a whole range of emotions through their tail wag. Whilst it’s important to note not all tail wagging is a sign of happiness, there are two types that signal pure joy in our dogs.”

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